Introducing the Sudomemo Daily Draw


Hello! This is Sudofox (id:austinburk), and I'm glad to introduce the Sudomemo Daily Draw!

What is the Daily Draw?

The Daily Draw is a daily event similar to the Weekly Topics that you've seen on Hatena and Sudomemo! It's pretty simple. Each day, a topic will be published for you to submit a drawing about. At the end of the day, a winning submission will be picked, receive color stars, and get featured on this blog and in the Discord server!

How do I participate?

First, go ahead and follow the Sudomemo Daily Draw blog.

After doing so, go ahead and join the Sudomemo Blog Group:

After you've joined the blog group, you can submit your entry! You can use any art medium to create your entry.

Your entry needs to be posted to your Hatena Blog.

Your entry should comply with the Hatena Terms of Use. If you need to read those, you can do so here.

Your entry will need to be submitted on the same day as the topic is announced. Entries stop being considered at 11PM Eastern.

Your entry needs to include the following things in the title:

  • Some variant of "Sudomemo Daily Draw", "Daily Draw", "Sudo Daily Draw", etc.
  • The name of the topic - you may shorten it.

For example: Pineapple Plaza (Sudomemo Daily Draw: Pineapples)

Basically, you need to include enough for me to tell that it's a submission for the Daily Draw.

The full tutorial is in the #read-me channel in the Daily Draw Discord. I encourage you to read it!



How do I set up a Hatena account?

There is also a tutorial for this in the Daily Draw Discord, in the #hatena-account-how-to channel.

Do I need to use Flipnote Studio to make the art?

You can if you wish, but you can use any medium you prefer. 

What if I don't use Sudomemo?

The Sudomemo Daily Draw is open to anyone at all! You don't need to use Sudomemo - however, it is being mainly marketed to members of the Flipnote community. You are all welcome to join in!

When does the first Daily Draw start?

The first Daily Draw starts on Sunday, November 11th, 2018 at midnight, Eastern time.

Please note: Take a look at the newest posts on this blog to see the most recent Daily Draw Topic! The topic below was the first one.

The topic is....



Before we used engines, we used the power of the Earth itself and the breath of Mother Nature to move across the sea. We look forward to your submissions!

The window for your entry closes at 11:00 PM Eastern on November 11th, 2018.