Daily Draw: December 2nd, 2018

Hello! It's time to announce the winner of the twenty-first Daily Draw (December 1st, 2018).

The winner is...

deltajune (id:loonablaster)


deltajune's entry is set in a real-life place: the Golden Bridge in Vietnam!

Golden Bridge (Vietnam).jpg

By Trung Le - https://www.flickr.com/photos/catricornn/28871968297/, CC BY 2.0, Link

If you go there, you might just see the spider-troll hanging below, ready to pop up when you're least suspecting it!

I've added a number of stars to your entry. 

You can view the other submissions over at the Blog Group.


Today's topic is...

One with Nature 

You may be a ranger patrolling the land, or a hermit living alone, or a lost child raised by wolves. Give us your take on what it means to be one with nature!

Your submissions are due on December 2nd at 11 PM Eastern.