Daily Draw: December 3rd, 2018

Hello! It's time to announce the winner of the twenty-second Daily Draw (December 2nd, 2018).

The winner is...

pokesum (id:pokesum)


I especially like the story behind this one.

Often mistaken for lost stuffed toys, bear fruit are the essence of pets buried alongside trees. When their nutrients are absorbed by nearby roots, the animal's soul will live on as this tree's fruit.
This fruit is known to be sorrowfully sweet.

The graves in my drawing are those of my two passed kitties; Cola and Vivor. They were buried by the tree in my backgarden.
They are "one with nature" themselves.

You can read the full backstory on Pokesum's blog.

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Today's topic is...

Ice Fishing 

Ice fishing is a fun winter hobby, but it does take some time to learn the ropes! Give us your take on it in today's Daily Draw.

Your submissions are due on December 3rd at 11 PM Eastern.