Daily Draw: December 13th, 2018

Hello! It's time to announce the winner of the thirty-second Daily Draw (December 12th, 2018).

The winner is...

狐 (id:RosaTH)

RosaTH's entry is reminiscient of the science fiction of old, with the interactive Walls on all sides with nonstop programming, flashy yet bleak.

I've added a number of stars to your entry. 

You can view the other submissions over at the Blog Group.


Today's topic is...

Snowed In

Throughout the night, a blizzard assaults your neighborhood while you sleep. In the morning, you go to look outside and see only black, because your window's covered with snow! You've been snowed in! Make up or tell us a story about being snowed in.


Your submissions are due on December 13th at 11 PM Eastern.