The Daily Draw is ending, for now

Hello all! I want to thank all the people who have helped make the Daily Draw a fun experience. It was amazing to see your submissions each day, and it saddens me to announce that we're going to be closing the Daily Draw.

Where we started

The Daily Draw started in a time where Sudomemo wasn't open due to maintenance. I was taking great lengths to create engaging community events to draw people together, as well as to help them improve themselves as artists and animators alike. The Daily Draw helped fill the gap left by Sudomemo during the maintenance period, in a way.

Even if we didn't get too many entries each day, the ones we got were truly amazing pieces of work. The Daily Draw also spurred things like the development of the Sudomemo embedded player, which paved the way for better embeds and sharing all around.

I will also mention that the Daily Draw was part of an effort to reintroduce our audience to Hatena's other services, which was actually pretty successful overall! I have to say that I love Hatena and their services and want to thank them for creating such wonderful communities over time. Many of our readers will be familiar with Flipnote Hatena, or うごメモはてな, which Sudomemo recreated from scratch and improved greatly upon; in fact, Sudomemo is now older than the original service!

Where we went

Throughout the months, from mid-November to now, the Daily Draw was a point of consistency for me that I could base things around. It was tough, though. I work a full-time job to support myself and to pay for Sudomemo (which, by the way, has its expenses lessened considerably by our lovely Patrons on Patreon).

The original idea of the Daily Draw was to get the entries judged between 11 PM and midnight, but staying up that late became unrealistic for me, so it shifted to around noon-time each day. Even then, I was not able to maintain a consistent time due to having to take a break to do it and sometimes not having enough time to do it til later. This made it hard for people to enter due to not having enough time.

The future of the Daily Draw

I don't believe that the Daily Draw overall was a bad idea. The original intent was to give a small little drawing prompt for people to make a doodle about at some point during the day; something that could be done in a short amount of time. We got some amazing entries, for certain, though I believe that the kind of quality we were looking for was much lower than what people thought we were looking for -- leading to concerns about not having enough time to complete it.

I will not exclude the Daily Draw from having a comeback. Sudomemo is growing again, with some amazing creators all the way back from Hatena days, and I think that with the right formula and perhaps someone else running it (I have enough on my hands for sure!) that it can really flourish.

I encourage you to continue posting to your Hatena Blogs!

Keep posting to your Hatena Blogs. Share what you post with others, bring attention to the fact that Hatena does exist, and that it is growing and changing constantly, but even still, has more consistency than many other services online. I feel like Hatena as a company recognizes and respects its communities.

My favorite Daily Draw entries

The very first Daily Draw winner, using a unique medium and material. 

In memorial of the late Stan Lee, who was an inspiration for us all.

Daily Draw: Vegetables. This one gave me a giggle.

Daily Draw: Skyscrapers. This one was so pretty to look at: the glowing lights in the sky, the simple shapes, and the silhouetted figure against the sky.

Daily Draw: Troll Under the Bridge. This was a stunning piece of work (especially for this particular topic), based upon the real life Vietnam Golden Bridge.

Daily Draw: Gingerbread House. I really enjoyed the pastel colors and the general aesthetic of this one.

Daily Draw: Flipnote Hatena (うごメモはてな). I think my background speaks to why this one holds a special place for me.

Daily Draw: Aurora. I loved how the speckled white stars come together with the deep colors of the aurora in the night sky.

Daily Draw: Penguins. I absolutely adored this one, along with the watercolor and sticker aesthetic it has.

Daily Draw: Rubber Ducks. This one brought such joy to my heart to look at! 

Daily Draw: Deep in the Forest. I especially enjoyed how realistic the branches look as they twist and bend from the trees.

Daily Draw: Fishmonger. I'm not sure what I was expecting with this topic, but I sure didn't expect this!

I'll slip in the winner for the last Daily Draw (Super Bowl LIII):

Honestly? I didn't watch it either.

Daily Draw: Happy Birthday, Sudomemo! I've linked to the Daily Draw article for this one, because we featured all of the entries.


There's so many more amazing drawings that were very difficult to pick between. I can't recommend visiting the Blog Group and taking a peek at everyone's blogs any higher! (Please take note that the Blog Group shows only the newest updates from each person's blog, so you'll want to peek at their blog to see their other posts.)

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank id:DaniCB and especially id:RosaTH for supporting the Daily Draw for so long - they both helped a lot with keeping it going and encouraging people to try it out. I'd like to thank all of the other people who entered the Daily Draw, as well as all of the subscribers we have from Sudomemo and from Hatena.

Here are DaniCB and RosaTH's Sudomemo profiles. Feel free to take a look at their Flipnotes!

Thank you, Hatena, for the excellent services of past and present.

Thanks to our 239 (at time of writing) blog subscribers.

And of course, thank you for reading this all the way through. I hope to see all of you continue to grow as artists, animators, and in whatever other passions you possess.

- id:austinburk